Jazz Hill Homes
Project Name: Jazz Hill Homes
Project Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Completion Date: November 2002
Size: 204,945 sq ft (11 historic buildings)

Project Description:

This project involved the historic preservation of 11 multifamily apartment buildings constructed between 1904 and 1912. When the Pioneer Group acquired the buildings they were in an extremely deteriorated condition and were contributing to the decline of the neighborhood. The 11 buildings contained 213 living units at the time of acquisition. We decided to merge a number of the smaller units to create a housing complex with 198 units. An important aspect of the Pioneer Group's work for this project included securing the listing of the buildings on both the state and national registers of historic places. Pioneer Group has sold this property.

Jazz Hill - 1900
Looking northwest from the southeast corner of 11th and Paseo.
Kansas City, Missouri - 1900

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