Eisenhower Ridge
Project Name: Eisenhower Ridge
Formerly: Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center
Project Location: Leavenworth, Kansas
Estimated Completion Date: 2008
Size: 38 buildings on 50 acres
Architect: Treanor Architects, P.A.
General Contractor: Straub Construction

Project Description:

Originally constructed from 1886 through 1960, the 38 historic buildings on the Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center campus in Leavenworth, Kansas, are situated on approximately 50 acres of land along a ridge overlooking the Missouri River valley on the east, and other valleys filled with the City of Leavenworth on the north and west. The campus, established in the 1880s as the Western Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, represents a rare mix of stately buildings in a park-like setting. Historians attribute the inviting landscape, with its patterned vegetation, winding roads, lake, and clay tile curbs, to famed landscape architect H. W. S. Cleveland. The property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999 for its significance in the areas of architecture, landscape architecture, and social and medical history.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation placed the 38 buildings on the list of 11 most endangered historic places in June 2000 after the VA designated these buildings for demolition. Lead by the Pioneer Group, a developer in Topeka, Kansas, a group referred to as Eisenhower Ridge Association successfully negotiated a contract with the VA, and became the centralized point for the development to renovate and operate these buildings under a 75 year Enhanced Use Lease with the federal government. The development team includes a number of highly qualified professionals, including Treanor Architects, which has a nationwide reputation for their expertise in preserving historic buildings.

The buildings include a dozen domiciliary buildings that for 100 years served as quarters for aging and disabled soldiers, a mess hall, a recreation hall building, plus some sprawling homes. Nearly all of these buildings are wrapped with porches and other architectural relics. The development team expects to transform the buildings into business offices, college classrooms, veterans' housing and other uses. The development group will utilize state and federal tax credits for the rehabilitation projects, allowing for very competitive rental rates to attract businesses.

Building 51 Porch Before Building 51 Porch After

Building 51 Porch Before and After Rennovation - in Eisenhower Ridge Apartments


Building 19 Front Facade Before and After Rennovation 


Building 19 - 3rd Floor Porch Before and After Rennovation 

    Projects within Eisenhower Ridge: 

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