Community Development

St. Joe Uptown- St. Joseph, MO
In November 2006, Pioneer Group, Inc. and team were selected as Master Developers for the St. Joe Uptown (downtown) Redevelopment Project. The project, as presently laid out, consists of 105 residential units, including single-family homes, single-family cluster homes, town homes, cottage units and approximately 18 Mansion homes on approximately 10 acres. The project also will include the rehabilitation of a former Cancer Treatment Center on the site that will become the Community Center, including a swimming pool, a day care center and a spa. The project will feature parks and ample green spaces. Pioneer Group has used its experience in creating a harmonious working relationship, allowing ample input in this development by all stakeholders (property owners, businesses, local governments and local citizens) in creating a comprehensive effort.

Community Redevelopment- Riviera Beach, FL
Because of Pioneer Groupís nationally known reputation of providing affordable senior and workforce housing plus historic preservation, it was recruited to play a major team role in the redevelopment in the community of Riviera Beach, Florida. Providing safe, secure and modern housing for seniors and working families will involve the construction of for-sale single family units, town homes and rental affordable units for seniors and families. Consistent with Pioneer Groupís commitment to a green environment, this project will include parks and green spaces in redeveloping this spectacular recreational and residential community. Pioneer Groupís experienced principals are working closely in conjunction with local government leaders to ensure the community participates in this major effort.

North East Jr. High School- Kansas City, MO
Historic Preservation is one of Pioneer Groupís niche market roles. The North East Jr. High School is a historic icon in the Kansas City, KS African American community. Recognizing that the redevelopment and restoration of this historic structure could be the spark that could ignite major community development, Pioneer Group is utilizing itís expertise in saving the historic structure, and is partnering with a local church (owners of the structure). It is the intention of Pioneer Group to create a unique setting for senior housing apartments. Historic classrooms will be restored and redeveloped into 43 apartments. Ironically, former students have inquired about living in rooms they once attended as school children. Pioneer Group is working with local government leaders in improving surrounding infrastructure and further community development in the area.